BGNR Architects is a professional architecture firm with 30 years of experience in design and delivery. What can we do for you?

Develop strategy, feasibility, and timeline on your next. Whether it is your dream house or the next big city of the future, BGNR Architects is happy to help you fulfill your ambition.

  • Project Planning - Research on the Market
  • Sustainability Services
  • Building Consultancy
  • Advanced Architecture - Smart Buildings

Through our complete design team and affiliated consultants, BGNR Architects is committed to deliver the best possible outcome on your behalf. For it to be done perfectly, effective and efficient planning is key. BGNR Architects is experienced as a Lead Design Consultant.

At BGNR Architects we help create the space that you have dreamed of. With our rigorous approach on design and research, BGNR Architects produces high-quality contemporary design.

  • High Performance Design - We create high-performance design through in depth research in the practical and technical. Our projects shall be delivered through a careful consideration of time, cost, and innovation.
  • Investment Assurance - Through our beginning to end approach, BGNR Architects' designs look to respond to the clients' need. BGNR Architects works systematically to provide sufficient resources for every stakeholders.
  • Innovation in Design Technology - BGNR Architects' responsibility is to create sustainable but functional architecture that performs through times. We continuously look to improve the idea of active and passive sustainable design strategy, seeking to produce high-quality design with the help of technology.

Construct your project. BGNR Architects works with other consultants and the best contractors through a streamlined process to make sure every project is deliverable.

  • Architecture and Interior Contractors Affiliation - We work with the best affiliated contractors to ensure clients received the best possibly result of their design.

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At BGNR Architects, we also believe in developing through mentorship. We are always open to internship applications.
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BGNR Architects is a multi disciplinary design firm working in different scale of architecture. With a vision to impact beyond architecture, the firm's works are always grounded to human experience and its context. BGNR Architects also works as a collective, completing projects through professional collaboration and clear structure.

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