BENNY GUNAWAN & REKAN is an architecture design consultant based in Surabaya, Indonesia.

Founded in 1985, the practice encompasses a different scales of design, from architecture, interior design and planning/urban design.

Benny Gunawan Architect Surabaya, Indonesia

Ir. Benny Gunawan, IAI Utama established Benny Gunawan & Rekan (bgnrarchitects) firm in Surabaya in 1989. The firm is now a team of 3 Partners and 30 architects working on high number of projects ranging from private to public scale.

bgnrarchitects started designing a number of small scale projects of private homes and commercial projects during the 1990’s and have completed a wide range of projects from apartment buildings, offices and factories, to large scale urban design within the past quarter of a century.

bgnrarchitects is determined to create contextual architecture that suits the needs of our clients, whilst creating innovative designs that contribute to the world through in-depth social, environmental and cultural understanding.

Our highly experienced design team has enabled us to offer different types of design services ranging from small scale interior design to large scale city planning and urban design.

We have integrated our affiliated companies into the mix at our team bgnrarchitects team

  • 3D Visualisation
  • Building Construction (PT. Surya Andalan Bumi Persada)
  • Furniture, Fixture and Equipments Procurement (Insima)
  • Property Branding (vaith design)

BGNR Architect Portfolio
Working Environment in BGNR Architect
At BGNR Architects, we also believe in developing through mentorship. We are always open to internship applications.
Working Environment 2 in BGNR Architect

Design Approach

We strive to create high-performance design for our valuable clients. Our design process always start from an in-depth research in the practicality and technicality aspect of the design. We provide bespoke designs through careful consideration of time, cost and innovation. Our designs, from small to large scale projects, are always done through rigorous research of the market condition. We seek to produce high-quality, innovative architecture that is not confined to a particular building typology.

Investment Assurance

We believe in the beginning-to-end design approach to achieve designs that respond to the needs of our clients, on time, and within the allocated budget. We have the experience of working together in a high performance team consisting of some of the best Contractors, Structural Engineers, Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing (MEP) Engineers, and other consultants. Our expertise in working systematically is essential in order to provide sufficient resources to each contributing team members.

Innovation in Design Technology

We have been creating innovative projects through continuous design research and exploration. We strongly believe in the possibility of creating sustainable, but functional architecture that perform through times. We believe in the idea of passive design strategy whilst seeking to produce high-quality technological design.